WATCH: Harry Styles Is Stunned with a Red Bull at One Direction Concert

Next in Harry Styles’ Series of Unfortunate Events: The Case of the Flying Red Bull.

Misfortune struck One Direction’s frontman when he was hit in the face with a can of Red Bull that was thrown onstage by an overeager fan. Styles walked it off and continued to perform, but his assailant stood with her mouth agape as she envisioned the pitchfork protest of One Direction fans that would soon amalgamate outside of her home.

CREDIT: 1D Scoop
CREDIT: 1D Scoop

This is one in the many concert snafus that have occurred in recent Harry history, including an onstage fall in Toronto and another in San Diego. He has also been hit with a shoe. Perhaps the band’s hiatus comes at an opportune time.

Watch the concert mishap in the video featured at the top of the page!