Serayah Explains What It’s Really Like Being in Taylor Swift’s Squad

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Leave it to one of Taylor Swift‘s ride or die besties to insist that nothing about Tay Tay’s squad is business-oriented.

Serayah, of Empire fame, joined Swift’s annoying illustrious crew of feminists who date the same men after being recruited to star in “Bad Blood”.

They basically swapped numbers, started texting, and you know how it goes, one thing led together…before long, Serayah was walking the 1989 stage alongside her new ride or die bestie, and of course, squading up at the VMAs on one big group date.

Serayah said in an interview with ASOS,

I was driving, and my mum called me, saying, ‘So guess who just called me? Taylor Swift!’ She said that Taylor had asked for my number so she could talk through everything about the video. I was like, ‘Don’t ask me! Just get her to text me now!’

In spite of the fact that she has 1,989 friends (and counting), Taylor still has time to pay individual attention to all of her “Bad Blood” girls because she’s humble:

When Taylor called, she said, ‘Thank you so much for saying you’ll do it.’ And I replied, ‘Come on! Anything! I’m there!’ It just shows that huge pop stars … can still have that humility, which is so inspiring.

But nevertheless, even though they’re a squad made up of models, actresses and pop stars, they’re really just a normal group of girls.

We all hang out. We get together and we go eat and go to late-night cafes. I think people think it’s this celebrity gathering, but it’s just a bunch of girls, hanging out.

It’s totally personal. [Taylor] will text us and be like, ‘Let’s do this.’ Group message — it’s not a manager thing, it’s just a text. It’s never managers, it’s never business, it’s always fun. Normality first.

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So what do they talk about over text and in person? Serayah told Pret-a-Reporter,

Oh man, anything. It’s just like girl time. It’s so comfortable and easy-going. It’s a friendship, and that’s what I like most about [being part of the squad].

I was just telling my friend from high school, sometimes life can get so abnormal compared to what real life is like, because of everything going on and pop culture and the way our lives are run. Being around the girls is like a breath of fresh air, like a deep breath. We can put on sweats and Converse and just talk about boys. It’s really fun.

See? Ride or die.