Kylie Jenner Shares Intimate Video of Her and a Topless Tyga in Bed

Kylie Jenner Shows Us Her Morning Face
This is what Kylie looks like in the AM...

Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s Snapchat story is basically a whole new reality show. 

Since going public with their relationship after her 18th birthday, the reality star just can’t stop showing off her boyfriend. Jenner offered fans a glimpse into her relationship with a cute Snapchat story.

On Thursday night (Sept. 3, 2015), she posted some video of them before bed, including one of the topless rapper on top on her. Another video had the 18-year-old with a paper face mask, and Tyga looking super confused about it.

“Why do you have to go to sleep with that thing on your face?” he said.

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“Come take off my mask,” Jenner asked in another video. The “Stimulated” singer then pulls off the sticky mask, gasping when he reveals her face.

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They’re actually pretty funny. On Wednesday night’s (Sept. 2, 2015) “episode” of Keeping Up with Kylie and Tyga, the rapper sang at Jenner’s dogs, Norman and Bambi, complained about watermelon having so many seeds, and jokingly got annoyed by his girlfriend, telling her she’s driving him “f*cking insane.”