Kristen Stewart’s Heart Guides Her Career at ‘Equals’ Premiere with Nicolas Hoult

Kristen Steward and Jesse Eisenberg Kiss
Spotted: Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg making out.

Young Hollywood starlets Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult posed for pictures and talked about matters of the heart and career while promoting their newest film, Equals, in Venice this weekend.

The film is a sci-fi romance set in a dystopian future in which people have eliminated the need for feelings. Stewart and Hoult take on the roles of two characters who “suffer” from experiencing emotions and are forced to deal with their confusing feelings of love for one another.

As for matters of the heart, Kristen explained that she uses her emotions to steer her career choices, rather than trying to be strategic, according to Variety.

If you step outside yourself and start tactically maneuvering your career… it just doesn’t make sense whatsoever. What we do requires … requires your heart to be so in it that every time I agree to do a movie I’m shocked and terrified.

Kristen was playful on the red carpet, posing for photos and smiling while her co-star, Nicholas, and the film’s director, Drake Doremus, accompanied her.