Tuesday Ten: 10 Things Every Emoji Lover Should Own

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Wear your heart on your sleeve — literally.

Love it or hate it, emojis have become a part of our everyday life. Whether you’re backdoor bragging or subtly throwing shade, conveying your emotions these days is now as simple as pressing a button. In fact, Jimmy Kimmel is even using it to explain the most talked-about celebrity feuds! (We’re still waiting on that taco emoji, though.)

For those who can’t get enough of using emojis, here are 10 fabulous fashions and accessories you need in your life:

1. Dolls Kill Meanmug Megatote, $26. For those who don’t have a resting bitch face like Kristen Stewart or Kanye West, you can still show the world your complete discontent with a bag shaped like everyone’s favorite unamused mug. Being oversized, this tote even has enough room for bulkier items like books and your cold, black heart.

2. Maple Clan Emoji Backpack, $13. We definitely have our heart-eyes set on this satchel! Display all your feels — and your love of emojis — with an adorable knapsack.

3. The Nine Jewelry 100 Necklace, $60. Whether it’s #MotivationalMonday or #EggplantFriday, take all your days from 0 to 100 in style. Drake would be so proud.

4. Fresh Tops First Name Sassy Crop Top, $38. We know this is actually the “Information Desk Person” emoji, but just look at all the sass she’s bringing to the table! Tell your haters to flip off without even uttering a word with this totally on-trend crop top.

5. Pintrill Girl Massage Pin, $12. Subtly tell the world that you’re fed up with its crap by donning on this pin of you getting a head massage. #ByeFelicia.

6.Tattify My Emotions! Emoji Nail Wraps, $8. Painting emojis on nails? Ain’t nobody got time for that! We love how these nails wraps get the job done quick 💅.

7. Etosell Poop Emoji Cushion, $4. On those days when you’re feeling like poop, stay in bed and cuddle up with this cuter all day.

8. Forever 21 Emoji Crew Socks, $3. For those not ready to dedicate their entire wardrobe to emojis just yet, take comfort that you can wet your toes with these fun socks instead. (Or don’t, because soggy socks are the worst.)

9. Kate Spade Heart Eyes Emoji Earrings, $48. Tell everyone one you’re crushing hard by sporting a pair of these swoon-worthy studs.

10. Bauble Bar Monkey Around Emoticharm Bracelet, $14. We don’t monkey around when it comes to accessorizing. We love how this bracelet is delicate enough to be included in any arm party and subtle enough as to not attract any side-eye from those who don’t share the same love of emojis as you do.