WATCH: Farrah Abraham Threatens to Kill ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Co-Stars Over a Pair of Flip-Flops

Farrah Abraham Cries
The "Teen Mom" star storms off set.

Farrah Abraham cares more about her shoes than people.

The reality star and porn star actress isn’t making a lot of friends on Celebrity Big Brother UK. Case in point: this expletive-filled rant about killing “this whole fucking house” because she had broke her flip-flops by accident.

The drama all started when English singer Natasha Hamilton and radio DJ Fatman Scoop got into a little tiff. After Hamilton commented that not even her father had ever yelled at her like the way Scoop did, Abraham, perhaps thirsty for all the attention other people were getting, continued the fight even though it had nothing to do with her.

In an irrational and incomprehensible argument, Abraham began to lash out at Hamilton and British culture for making “Americans be negative because you’re negative.” When the mom-of-one started physically getting up in Hamilton’s face, Big Brother called Abraham to the Diary Room to try to calm things down. However, the request only angered Abraham, causing her to break her sandals on the way to her timeout.

That was when the Teen Mom star got even more embarrassingly angry and threatened her co-stars.

“Oh, because I was going to fucking obliterate the fucking scum you have in this fucking house,” Farrah screamed about being made to go into the confessional. “Yeah, and I’m just going to say this: If my fucking flip-flops are not fucking fixed because of your goddamn mouth over the fucking intercom, I am going to straight up fucking kill this whole fucking house!”

She continued to yell at the camera, “I am sick and tired of fucking being bothered by scummy ass fucking negative one person. And I’m really fucking tired of somebody bringing their fucking negative bullshit at me when they’re the fucking scum on earth.”

“Don’t fucking piss me off! Don’t fucking tell me how I am! Don’t bring out the negative in me,” she said. “And I’m sick of it! And I will tell you what: I’m going to fucking win every goddamn challenge in here just to fucking make the person who fucking pisses me off fucking cry. I am sick of the fucking bullshit.”

And all of this because of a pair of shoes. #RIPFlipFlops.