WATCH: Meek Mill Slams Fan for Holding Drake Sign During Concert

Meek Mill still won’t let this Drake feud go.

Like an old man yelling at clouds, Mill screamed at a fan for supporting Drizzy at his concert on Monday night (Sept. 7, 2015). When he spotted a fan holding a Drake sign during his Gold Day Off show in Brooklyn, the rapper quickly threw threats at the concertgoer for even bringing up his sworn nemesis, telling the fan, “Put that Drake sign up again n*gga. Fuck you talking about. You fucking clown. Don’t ever fucking come in here playing with no Meek Millie trying to pick on me like I’m a fucking dweeb or something.”

“Don’t act like this the Internet. You standing next to a shooter now,” he added.

Mill, who’s been thirsting for attention all summer, previously came for Drake and accused the “0 to 100″ emcee of using ghostwriters. While Drake brushed off the accusations, Mill continued to lash out at his girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s colleague, inarguably embarrassing himself in the process.

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