Kanye West Is the ‘Great Motivator’ Behind Rob Kardashian’s Weight Loss

Is This Why He Gained Weight?
Rob Kardashian pokes fun at his recent weight gain.

Rob Kardashian has Yeezus to thank for his motivation to get back into shape. 

Over the past couple of months, Kardashian has been working hard to lose weight, and it’s all thanks to his brother-in-law Kanye West.

The reality star, who has already lost more than 15 pounds, has been keeping her Instagram followers up to date with photos of his “transformation”. An insider close to the family opened up to Us Weekly, saying the rapper has been his “great motivator”.

It’s Kanye working his magic. He’s been a great motivator for Rob. He told Rob how he got into shape after his accident and at a time when he was down in his life

The source also says that West is responsible for fixing Kim Kardashian’s relationship with her younger brother. He reportedly “told them to work it out — they are family” after Kim and Rob weren’t on the best of terms because he didn’t attend her and West’s wedding. The 28-year-old’s weight gain and emotional issues put a big strain on their relationship. Now, all is well and the siblings are even exercising together.