Here’s Kylie Jenner’s $380 Day-to-Day Beauty Regimen

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What exactly does Kylie Jenner put on her face and body? The reality star is breaking her down complete beauty regimen, including all the cosmetic work she’s had done.

Speaking with the New York Times, the 18-year-old claims she “won’t wear heavy makeup” because “it’s not attractive” on her.

“When you see those pictures on my Instagram, they are usually for when I’m doing a photo shoot or an interview,” she explains. “Every time I get my makeup professionally done, I take a photo.”

Unlike big sister Kim Kardashian‘s beauty regime, which costs over $1,700 including tools and bushes, Jenner uses a lot of products from drugstore brands like Neutrogena and Sally Hansen. However, she also likes to dabble in higher-end brands like NARS, Lancôme, and Anastasia Beverly Hills (whose founder, Anastasia Soare, grooms all of the Kardashians and Jenners’ eyebrows).

According to Jenner, this is what she usually uses instead:







Jenner also enlists the help of Priscilla Valles for haircuts, Daniel Moon and Tracey Cunningham for coloring, Jimmy Coco for tanning, Kimmie Kyees for nails, Dr. Simon Ourian for Juvéderm lip fillers, and Kourtney Kardashian‘s trainer for impromptu workout sessions.

The reality star has also seemingly left out beauty products she previously pimped out on Instagram such as a breast-enhancing lotion from PureLeef and false lashes from Lilly Lashes.

Like the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child get ready in Hollywood.