ICYMI: Lindsay Lohan Has Made a Quiet Return to Music

LiLo to Tell All
In an autobiography, of course...

Long live the raspy voice…

Lindsay Lohan has joined forces with the familiar sounds of ‘80s synthpop. In case you’ve forgotten, LiLo is also a singer. (Refresh yourself with “Rumors,” which came out 11 years ago).

Anyway, last year, while LiLo was getting not-so-great reviews for her role in Speed the Plow in London, the 29-year-old entertainer called up Duran Duran to see if she could guest on their 14th studio album Paper Gods. Enter, “Danceophobia.” (LiLo starts at around 2:20).

While there’s barely any singing from LiLo, her famous raspy voice does deliver lines as a medical figure (“You may be experiencing feelings of confusion/ Don’t be afraid / I’ve seen these symptoms before”).

According to the band’s Nick Rhodes, the recording process pretty much what you’d expect with someone like Lindsay Lohan:

“Lindsay’s reputation precedes her but actually she loves doing the things that she does and she is damn god at it. It took us a little while to get her there — I think Simon [Le Bon] had to go and fetch her in the car in the end — but she came along with her sister and took over the entire place, it was a lot of fun.” [via BBC]

Welcome back, LiLo.