Breaking Hair News: Sienna Miller Goes Red

Better Off Red?
Do these celebs look better with fiery locks?

Bye bye, blonde!

Sienna Miller is ditching her signature golden tresses for something darker.

The American Sniper star, whose role in Black Mass was recently cut from the movie, debuted her new copper red locks at sister Savannah Miller’s Debenhams event in London on Tuesday (Sept. 8, 2015).

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Previously, the 33-year-old told The Telegraph that she’s been playing around with her hair color since she was a teenager.

“First I experimented with rave colors,” Miller, now a mom-of-one, says. “Dyeing it pink, then pink with white streaks, then green.”

The actress even admitted to once sporting cornrows, recalling to the publication, “It was not a good look on me, especially as I had braces at the same time.”

Well, she’s killing it with the fall colors this season!