WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Explains to Matt Lauer How Having Boobs Gives Her an Advantage in Golf

Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, specifically her boob job, has helped her be a better putter in golf.

Jenner and Matt Lauer talked boobs (i.e. playing golf with boobs) during the second part of their interview. Lauer, of course, clarified that it was Jenner who brought up the subject of her breasts and not him.

Jenner noted there was no difference with “the full swing,” but that they were an advantage with putting, and showed Lauer when she means with “these little puppies.”

(Yes, she indeed refers to her boobs as “little puppies”).

“So your transition has made you a better putter?” Lauer asked her. “It’s not that I’m trying to encourage you to have a boob job…” she joked.

Jenner and Lauer also discussed whether she had any “second thoughts” or regrets about her transition. She said no, but when on to explain some hardships she experienced afterwards:

I had a little work done. I had a hard time waking up. And I had a massive panic attack. I never had anything like that in my life. It was so scary… In my head, when I shut my eyes, it was just like, ‘Oh my god. What did you just do?!’ Because that surgery kind of passed the point of no return.

All in all, her biggest priority is her family.

I just want my family to be okay. All of that stuff takes time. You transition, your whole family goes through this. They’ve been a blessing in my life, and you don’t want anything to hurt them, and you wonder, are you doing the right thing? You know, living your true self. And everybody handles it differently.

So great spending time with @KendallJenner! Love my little girl

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Later, Lauer asked Jenner if it’s been easier to reconnect with male or female friends. She explained,

Female, by far. I think women are more tolerant. They just kind of get it. Male friends, I didn’t have a lot of ‘em. I mostly hung out with women, but I think it’s just more complicated for guys to deal with this subject.

She then discussed finally being able to have “girls nights” in her new Malibu home, and how it’s been a blessing. Of course, Lauer took their conversation about “social events” to segue into a question about dating.

“People are curious,” Lauer added. Jenner responded exasperated:

Ugh, dating. Here we go again. Everybody’s wondering about that. To be honest with you, at this point in my life…see, I come from a different spot. All the girls in the show [I Am Cait] are all young, they want a family, you know, find love, all that stuff. For me, I’ve already had all that.

I want a lot of great friends that I can share my life with. That’s important to me. certainly that love and compassion, I have no idea what that would be in the future, but I’m kind of open to anything.

Then the question everyone has been asking her: “Are you attracted to one type of person over another?”

Jenner joked, “Okay, Oprah.”

Find out what she had to say – and more – in the video above. One thing’s for sure, Jenner says she’s just enjoying herself right now.