Cristiano Ronaldo Launches Signature Fragrance with a Bevy of Models on Hand

Cristiano Ronaldo Dancing Shirtless and Diving Off a Yacht
Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted hanging out on a yacht and showing off his bod...

Last night (Sep. 09, 2015) Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled his debut fragrance, Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy, by hosting a super exclusive private party in Madrid.

During the event, he was joined by an army of models, whose floor length gold gowns mimicked the key characteristics of the bottle.

At one point a very goofy Ronaldo also took a selfie of himself with party-goers as he enjoyed the event!

Dominated by a mixture of lavender, apple and cinnamon, Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy blends luxurious and exotic notes for a seductive scent that embodies Ronaldo’s masculinity and timeless appeal. Internationally revered for his stamina on-pitch, the same principles apply to his uniquely blended fragrance which is designed to last all day, leaving a legacy from day to night.

Here are some choice quotes from Ronaldo on the subject of fragrance.

What is your favorite scent on a woman?
My favorite smell on a woman is a fragrance which works in tune with their natural scent – nothing too strong or overpowering. Natural is sexy. My fragrance is for men but of course I love the smell of it on a woman’s skin!

How do you wear your fragrance?
I once heard that you should spray fragrance where you want to be kissed!

When do you wear the fragrance?
For me it’s important to smell great every day, not just on special occasions. I feel like I’m never fully dressed without my fragrance. It makes me feel good so I wear it no matter what I’m doing.

What do you like about fragrance?
Scent is very powerful – it creates an instant first impression and has the ability to totally transform your mood. I wanted to create something for men which makes you feel instantly sexy and confident and leaves a lasting impression.

Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy is available internationally through and select retailers globally from 16th September 2015.

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