Iggy Azalea Gets A$AP Rocky Tattoo Removed From Her Fingers

Love doesn’t always last forever. Iggy Azalea should have known that before getting a tattoo of her ex’s name. 

Luckily (and painfully) for her, she’s in the process of removing it. The rapper emergered with bandaged fingers as she removes the tattooed dedication to ex-boyfriend A$AP Rocky. She was spotted leaving Epione Cosmetic Laser Center on Wednesday (Sept. 9, 2015) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The former couple dated in 2011 and the 25-year-old cemented their relationship with the words “live,” “love” and “A$AP” tattooed on the inside of her fingers. After they broke up, she made a statement about their split by having an X tattooed over his name.


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She told Billboard last year:

Everything gets so scrutinized now. We have so many outlets that it’s hard sometimes to just be normal. Right now I’m getting tattoo removed and I know there’s seven paparazzi outside taking pictures of me having a conversation with you and I would prefer to do that in private. But someone’s going to sell these pictures to a blog so we can talk about it on Twitter.

Azalea was first spotted at a tattoo removal center in Dec. 2014, but now it looks like she’s getting them all removed before she walks down the aisle with her fiancé Nick Young.