Oh, Baby: ‘The Mindy Project’ Season 4 Trailer Is Finally Here

25 Mindy Project GIFs
(For when we thought it was over for good).

Thanks, Hulu.

With the Season 4 premiere of The Mindy Project just a few days away, the show’s new home has rolled out a brand new trailer.

Prepare yourselves: there’s a lot packed into the 65-second preview.

If you are all caught up with the events of Season 3, you know that Mindy (Mindy Kaling) is carrying the most beautiful child in the world (obviously). Baby daddy Danny (Chris Messina) is overseas in India meeting Mindy’s parents for the very first time. Like the future of the show, last season’s storyline doubled as a period and an ellipsis.

Now that we’ve all had a few months to process the near complete cancellation and thank our lucky stars for Hulu, it’s time to celebrate all things Mindy again.

While we’ll let the preview do most of the talking, here are some notes:

  • Hellooooo Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (Doesn’t it remind you of the time Danny and Mindy made out hard core on a plane?)
  • God bless Tamra.
  • We’re so glad those subway tracks are just make-believe. We’d hate for that to be your last image of Danny.
  • Let’s all pray for more dance moves from the one they used to call Diamond Dan.


The Mindy Project Season 4 kicks off on Sept. 15 on Hulu. Watch the trailer, below.