Taylor Swift Values a Good Selfie More Than Her Own Life

Taylor Swift has her priorities sorted out.

When the fire alarm went off backstage at her Houston, Texas show Wednesday night, the “Wildest Dreams” singer whipped out her phone to record her reaction rather than exit the building like you’re supposed to. Because, like, posting something to her 45.8 million followers is far more important than safety, right?

In an video shared on Instagram, Swift silently films herself as her handlers urge her to get dressed and leave the building.

A fire alarm is going off in the stadium and we don’t know what to do.

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“I would put some clothes on, darling. I’m not joking,” a voice offscreen told the 25-year-old. “Put some clothes on. Put some damn clothes on!”

“I have clothes! I have a robe on,” Swift snapped at the woman. “This is clothes! I’m covered.”

According to TMZ, the pyrotechnics used at the end of the concert triggered the smoke detectors. At the time, Swift was inside her dressing room after performing with special guest Wiz Khalifa. There were no injuries.

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