WATCH: Stephen Colbert Tells the Funny Story in Which the First ‘Late Show’ Almost Didn’t Happen

We always knew that Colbert had a different sense of humor.

Stephen Colbert revealed in his second monologue ever that his inaugural twirl onto The Late Show stage almost didn’t make it to air. After editing bits from the first episode including a conversation with George Clooney wherein they discussed the nipples on his Batman costume, the production team’s computers kept crashing as they tried to send the final cut to CBS.

Colbert described the thought process as he found zero reassurance that the first episode would actually broadcast.

“I thought, ‘If we actually make it to air, this will be a pretty good story. And if we don’t, it will still be a very interesting story at the theater camp I will be running in Idaho.'”

Fortunately, the tech guys did their tech thing and America was granted the first Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Watch Colbert’s behind-the-scenes story in the video featured at the top of the page!