Caitlyn Jenner: My Beard Was Removed in the ‘80s

Boob Talk with Caitlyn
In which Caitlyn Jenner explains how boobs have helped with her golf game.

Caitlyn Jenner’s latest video confessional is all about her skin.

On Thursday, the 65-year-old took to social media to answer a fan’s question about whether or not her skin has changed since her transition.

“[It] certainly has. I had, back in the ‘80s, my beard removed, which actually took a lot of volume out of this area so it’s kind of been a little bit pot holey… that has gotten better throughout the years, which is a good thing,” Jenner said in the new #AskCait video.

The I Am Cait star also opened up about using makeup. According to the Olympian, she stopped doing her own makeup when she started being on television.

“I have Kip do it now, for the show because, you know, it’s television. You want to look good.”

In related news, E! has just released a new clip from the season finale of I Am Cait, airing this Sunday (Sept. 13). Behold, Caitlyn Jenner the fan girl talking to none other than Boy George.

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