Instant Follow Friday: Emma Roberts Is Chanel, ‘Scream Queens’ Resident Mean Girl

American Horror Story alum Emma Roberts is the star – and mean girl – in Ryan Murphy’s latest production: Scream Queens.

Roberts, who is Julia Roberts’ niece, may have gotten her start on Nickelodeon, but she’s a long ways away from Unfabulous now with multiple roles in the horror genre under her belt.

In Scream Queens, Roberts plays Chanel Oberlin, a character who, you guessed it, wears a lot of Chanel because she’s “the peacock of the group and has to really stand out.”

The new horror-comedy anthology is set at Wallace University, where Chanel is the president of Kappa Kappa Tau sorority and where a series of murders by the Red Devil takes place.

Chanel is supported by her minions (appropriately dubbed Chanel #2, 3 and 5), played by Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd and Ariana Grande. Together, the clique runs the school.

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Roberts herself had a brief stint at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY, back in 2011. But alas, SLC doesn’t have any fraternities or sororities so we probably can’t anticipate her to have any personal college experiences guiding her in this new queen bee role.

Of her character, Roberts commented to Variety, “She isn’t exactly the nicest person, definitely not warm and fuzzy. She’s a bitch, for lack of a better word.”

But the show itself isn’t all tears and fears. “Scream Queens is horror, but it’s a dark comedy,” she said. “We were surprised by how funny the script is.”

In real life, Roberts maintains a close friendship with her co-stars. She recently told Glamour, “Billie and I have sleepovers. We’ll call each other and be like, ‘Hey are you scared? Yep. Me too, I’m coming over.’ You always need that girlfriend you can get in bed with.”

In addition, her and Lea Michele, who plays hilarious Hester (nicknamed “Neckbrace”) are workout buds. “Lea and I keep each other in shape – we do Pilates.” We checked out Michele’s fitspiration last week for Instant Follow Friday when we covered the Glee alum.

Also IRL, Roberts is something of a street style fashionista, so stalk her Instagram to see her best ~looks~ and every so often, a pic with beau/ex-fiancé (and American Horror Story star) Evan Peters.

Scream Queens debuts on Sept. 22 at 8 pm, with a special two-hour premiere on Fox. Starting Sept. 29, the show will air at its regular 9 pm slot.

Check out the best of Emma Roberts’ Instagram in the gallery above. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @emmaroberts and also on Twitter @robertsemma.