Jake Gyllenhaal Wrote a Complaint Letter to KFC Because He’s Serious About ‘Chicken Littles’

Novelty chicken nugget burgers should not be taken lightly.

Jake Gyllenhaal revealed in the Demolition press conference at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival that he once had a bone to pick with Colonel Sanders. It turns out that Gyllenhaal has been preparing for the opening ‘complaint writing’ scene in his new film since he was a child.

“I don’t know if you remember: Kentucky Fried Chicken, when I was a kid, they had these things … like little hamburgers, but they were fried little chicken nuggets,” the actor began. “Anyway, they discontinued them, and in school, we were told to learn how to write a complaint letter, right?”

“So I wrote a complaint letter to Kentucky Fried Chicken telling them [to bring them back].”

People reports that the little chicken nugget burgers in question were called “Chicken Littles”. They were resurrected in 2012 by KFC and cost 39 cents each back in 1987.

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