Please Enjoy This Clip of Justin Bieber Breaking a Camera on ‘Ellen’

FYI: Bieber is a Blonde Again
Platinum blonde, to be exact.

Another day, another story involving Bieber vs. Camera.

But it’s not what you think: this story comes from the land of Ellen and the last episode of the show’s bicoastal premiere week in New York.

Airing today (Sept. 11), the last episode includes a surprise appearance by Justin Bieber, who for some reason decided to arrive with an empty watering can. (He was supposed to be a gardener).

When it came time for the Biebs and Ellen DeGeneres to give away free t-shirts (you know, like they do at huge sporting events), the 21-year-old singer inadvertently shot a rolled-up shirt at the crowd of screaming and crying girls and into the expensive glass of a camera.

Thanks, Ellen, for not cutting this out of your broadcast.

Watch it all go down, below.