Scott Disick Hooked Up with Kourtney Kardashian’s Friend Kimberly Stewart

Did Kourtney Kardashian Just Subtweet Scott Disick?
She may or may not be tweeting about her ex.

It seems like Scott Disick can’t keep it in his pants long enough for Kourtney Kardashian to forgive him. 

According to reports, Disick and Kimberly Stewart have been hooking up behind the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star’s back. What makes things worse and awkward is that Stewart and Kardashian are longtime friends.

The father-of-three and the Stewarts & Hamiltons star have had several secret flings in the months since he Kardashian broke up. A source tells Us Weekly“It was going on for several weeks” and that “Kimberly knew it was wrong, but couldn’t help herself.”

Meanwhile Stewart’s rep is denying the allegations calling them untrue. Although the source says that the pair were intimate the night of Aug. 26 at Stewart’s brother’s birthday party. A witness says that when Disick arrived, “he immediately sat on the couch next to Kim and put his arm around her.”

Even though Disick claims to want a reunion with Kardashian, it doesn’t seem likely after this news. He isn’t even allowed into the reality star’s gated community. He now needs to use the visitor’s entrance to get into their house.