WATCH: Kris and Caitlyn Jenner Kiss and Make Up (and Take a Selfie) on ‘I Am Cait’

Kris Jenner says it may “take a little time” to have a close relationships with Caitlyn again.

In a new clip from Sunday’s (Sept. 13, 2015) episode of the E! series I Am Caitthe former couple talk about making up and getting along for the sake of their family. In another clip from the episode, we see things get tense between the exes after Caitlyn confronts Kris about not being invited to Kylie’s graduation. 

Now the two are trying to meet each other halfway. “I just want to get to a place where it’s comfortable for us to share celebrations together,” Kris says in the clip.

The 65-year-old former Olympian later told the camera:

I don’t really agree with everything she said, but communication is always good. Maybe it will be a little different in the future now. I hope it is because I want to keep my relationship with all my kids. That’s the most important thing.

Since then, the former couple have celebrated Kylie’s 18th birthday together, so that’s definitely a start. But, although it looks like the two have made amends, Kris told People, she can’t watch the footage of her talk with Caitlyn. “I haven’t watched it yet because it’s hard,” Kris said. “It’s a process. I think everything takes a little bit of time. We’re still family. We still have kids together. And it will work itself out.”

We’re just happy to see they’ve kissed and made up. Caitlyn surprises Kris with a sweet kiss while the two are posing for a selfie. Kim Kardashian would be proud. The season finale of I Am Cait airs Sept. 13 at 8pm on E!.