Arnold Schwarzenegger to Replace Donald Trump on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

“You’re terminated!” is what the new host of Celebrity Apprentice might say this season. 

NBC announced on Monday (Sept. 14, 2015) that they have named Arnold Schwarzenegger the new host of Celebrity Apprentice. The former California governor will replace Donald Trump when the reality show returns in the 2016-2017 season. Schwarzenegger released a statement following the announcement:

I have always been a huge fan of The Celebrity Apprentice and the way it showcases the challenges and triumphs of business and teamwork. I am thrilled to bring my experience to the boardroom and to continue to raise millions for charity. Let’s get started!

The Terminator actor will be replacing Trump, who hosted the show for seven seasons before departing to run for the Republican presidential nomination. The Donald congratulated the Arnold on Twitter:

Paul Telegdy, the president of alternative and late night programming at NBC Entertainment, also said in a statement:

We are thrilled to be opening a powerful new chapter in the story of the Apprentice franchise. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the epitome of a global brand in entertainment and business, and his accomplishments in the political arena speak for themselves. It was Arnold’s personal passion for the format that Mark Burnett and Donald Trump built over the last decade, as well as his fresh take on how to take it to new heights for today’s audiences, that made him the man to hire. The Celebrity Apprentice … will be back!

“You will not be back” is also something Schwarzenegger might say (in his accent of course) when he has to fire someone. Let the memes begin.