Everything You Need to Know About the Kardashian’s New Websites and Apps

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“Ta da…”

The day is finally here.

The Kardashians (minus Kourtney) launched their personalized websites and apps today, which feature beauty and makeup tutorials, travel diaries, fashion advice, behind-the-scenes moments, Q & A’s and much more, because following them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, et cetera wasn’t enough.

For your pleasure, here’s everything you need to know about Kim, Khloé, Kylie, and Kendall‘s websites and apps (and follow the links to watch their welcome videos).

1. Accessing their apps and websites come at a price of $2.99 a month (each). You can do a free 7-day trial first, though.

2. www.KimKardashianWest.com

Kim’s site and app includes (importantly) makeup tutorials with her personal “glam team,” behind-the-scenes videos, never before seen personal photos, and other fashion and beauty sections, which currently means pregnancy and maternity-related content. She also has a “live stream” feature for, we assume, both her daily life (here’s to hoping for lots of North facetime!) and Q&A’s with fans.

3. www.KhloeWithAK.com

Since each app/website is designed to personally reflect each sister, Khloé app will unsurprisingly feature some behind-the-scenes footage of her “fitness” regime with personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, in addition to other beauty, lifestyle, adventure (i.e. dating and sex?), glam content and a “Khlo CD” section. Similarly, hers features a live-stream capability too.

For example, Khlo CD in action:

4. www.TheKylieJenner.com Kylie’s website and app has, unlike those of her sisters, a “radio” section featuring all her music inspirations (hopefully, it’s not all of Tyga‘s music). In addition, Kylie will be hosting fashion info (such as looks for less), a “lyfe” section, and of course, a flurry of makeup tutorials, since her lips and makeup obsession are both infamous, after all.  

6. The apps come with special features, like notifications when the ladies upload a new video to their apps, meaning you’ll literally be Keeping Up with the Kardashians on a whole new level.

Unlock their world on the app store now, and check out their free content on their websites now.