ICYMI: This DC Weatherman Did a Madonna-Themed Forecast, Too

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All for the Rebel Heart Tour.

Mike the weatherman is back and this time, he’s going after your Rebel Heart.

Some two months after becoming a sensation (and famous enough to be on Taylor Swift’s radar) thanks to his customized TSwift weather report, Mike Thomas has returned with a Madonna edition.

On Friday (Sept. 11), Thomas brought out his “Vogue” game and made weather-appropriate tweaks to your favorite Madonna lyrics to prepare fans for Saturday’s concert in Washington, D.C.

Thomas, who filmed the segment in 15 takes, tells Mashable that he and his team spent some four hours prepping for the bit. Don’t see any major hiccups? It’s called editing.

C’mon girls, do you believe in weather?

We do, and we believe in Mike the weatherman.

Watch his latest work, above.