#MCM: 15 Times Prince Harry Was #1 on the Field and in our Hearts

It is no surprise why Prince Harry has been bestowed the honor of receiving this weeks Man Crush Monday title.

The polo-playing prince turns 30 on Tuesday (Sept. 15). Is there a better way to celebrate than swooning over his most crush worthy polo pics?

The Prince has been an avid polo player since he was a young lad, competing annually in various matches, tournaments, and events. Somehow, he finds the time to complete his duties as Prince of Wales: The Counselor of State. The Prince is one busy guy, go figure! He served as a lieutenant in the British Army, and served two terms being deployed in Iraq where he flew military helicopters. He’s a pilot too… what can this guy not do?

Don’t let all of his serious business fool you, though — Prince Harry definitely knows how to have a good time. He plays competitive rugby, polo, skiing, and motocross on traveling British teams. He is also a big fan of  the Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett duets, and has been seen jamming to their sweet sound at several concerts. In 2012, Prince Harry took a memorable trip to Las Vegas that ended in leaked nude photos of him in a hotel room with an unknown lady friend plastered on the cover of every magazine. We certainly didn’t mind it!

With his 30th birthday approaching, it’s about time Prince Harry finds his Princess before it strikes 12 o’clock. Time is ticking dear Prince, and we have a few takers for the title of a Princess.