Prince Harry Celebrates His 31st Birthday By Debuting a Full Ginger Beard

Prince Harry Was Our #MCM
15 times he was #1 on the field and in our hearts.

Prince Harry gives us a gift on his birthday.

After spending his summer working on conservation projects in Africa, the famous redhead returned to England just in time to celebrate his 31st birthday.

However, all eyes were on his ginger beard on Tuesday (Sept. 15, 2015), which Harry sported while visiting with World War II veterans at an event to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

The last time Harry sported a beard was in December 2013, but when rumors started circulating that Queen Elizabeth wasn’t particularly fond of facial hair on royal men, the prince soon shaved off his beard.

Let’s hope he keeps it a little longer this time around. Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace tweeted a sweet throwback photo of a young Harry in the cockpit.

Check out the gallery for more photos of Prince Harry (and his beard) totally looking like he belongs in a Top Gun movie.

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