Chris Brown Is a ‘Person of Interest’ in Denver Assault Investigation

Chris Brown is being investigated for assault.

According to TMZ, the incident took place in Denver, Colorado where Brown was filming a music video with Fetty Wap and French Montana. They were filming outside of the Platinum 84 Gentleman’s Club on Monday night, where they rode around on ATVs and motorbikes.

A woman, who wasn’t part of production, claims “she was forcibly thrown off Brown’s bus after refusing to give up her cell phone.”

Brown has a strict “no cellphone” policy to restrict people from secretly taking photos or videos.

The woman claims her phone was broken from the incident, and she’s filed a report with law enforcement for 3rd degree assault. According to cops, Brown and his entourage are “persons of interest” and will be interviewed. He has yet to be charged with anything.

Cops also have surveillance footage from outside the strip club that night, showing the woman leaving the bus.

This is not good news for Brown, who is in the middle of a custody battle with Nia Guzman. He recently was awarded joint custody of his daughter Royalty.