Kylie Jenner Explains Why She Dyed Her Hair Green

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kylie jenner green hair
CREDIT: FameFlynet

Green hair, don’t care.

Kylie Jenner, who’s basically played with every hairstyle under the sun, has just dyed her hair mint green after just weeks of becoming a blonde. So, why the colorful change?

“It affects my attitude. That’s why I love changing my look so much, because it makes me feel super confident,” she tells Yahoo Beauty.

But just because her hair is now a shade of mint, it doesn’t mean the 18-year-old doesn’t appreciated the more natural look. According to Jenner, she’s been erring on the side of “natural makeup” these days. (Well, as natural as $383 worth of makeup can get you.)

“The best beauty advice I can give — that I’ve learned this past month — is that less is more,” she says. “I just feel like natural makeup is just better on me, particularly, so I’ve been trying to do that.”

However, there is one thing on her vanity Jenner isn’t ready to bid farewell to just yet: her lip products. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, whose plumped out pout is the envy of all her fans (and one of Kris Jenner‘s biggest regrets), says she’s currently working on her own lip kit so her followers can replicate her look without damaging their own puckers.

“I’m going to keep that a secret, but it’s a kit and I am super invested,” Jenner says of the upcoming product. “I have been going to the factories, making the shades perfect, because I’m super particular about my lip color. I wanted to make three perfect shades to start off.”

Given that Jenner’s already charging $2.99 per month for her lifestyle app, something tells us we should start saving up now if we want to get our hands on this new lip kit, too.