Ryan Reynolds Has To Give Up His First-Born Child

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Share First Photo of Baby James
Aw! Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively just shared the first photo of their baby...

Ryan Reynolds is in a bit of a pickle.

He maybe kinda sorta promised his first born child, James, to the directors of his new film, Mississippi Grind. Here, let us explain.

While at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his new movie, Ryan told a little backstory about how he became involved in the project. Before the screening, Ryan joked with the audience that if the film’s directors let him star in the movie, he’d give up something very precious.

“Over two years ago I met these two incredible directors – Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden – in a little brasserie type place in Manhattan and I had read the script and I promised them my first-born child if they would cast me in this movie,”

He went on to express his concern since his wife Blake Lively has given birth since then.

“I’m very, very happy that we’re actually here and we get to show you this film and I get to be in it, which I’m thrilled about, but I’m also a little sad because since then I’ve had a daughter, and in one week I’ll be giving her up to Ryan and Anna.”

Oh, and don’t think Blake didn’t have anything to say on the matter. She went on Twitter to share a link to the video, and said, she know she should be mad, but…

Ryan never ceases to amuse us… and his wife.

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