WATCH: Scott Disick Left an L.A. Club Drunk and Confused Last Night

This is not a good look for Scott Disick.

The bachelor left The Nice Guy in West Hollywood just before 2 a.m. last night (Sept. 17) clearly drunk and clearly very confused by the presence of two random girls sitting in his car.

He seems incredibly bothered by the fact that one of the ladies was sitting in the front seat, or that they’re in the car in the first place. Who knows.

After veering away and being brought back to his car, he slurred to his new friend, “Get in the back seat there, honey!”

Disick’s battle with substance abuse and alcohol is no secret. He has tried rehab several times in the past, most recently in March when he checked into a Costa Rica facility that specialized in treatment with the African psychedelic shrub Iboga. Although his visit lasted only a week, at the time he said he has plans to return. But his partying duties and hosting gigs seemingly are keeping him too busy for now.

The father of three hasn’t quit his partying ways since his cheating scandal and split from Kourtney Kardashian once and for all in July. A source told People recently that Disick is “totally lost right now.”

He’s just going from place to place, doing things that aren’t making sense. He’s recording a video. No, he’s building his brand. He’s hanging out with brand new people. That’s sort of his issue in general, that he can’t focus.

Reconciliation between the two seems unlikely.