Selena Gomez Feels the Sexiest When She’s in a T-Shirt

Selena Gomez Says New Album Marks Her 'Rebirth'
Get ready for a whole new version of Selena Gomez.

Even though “Good for You” is all about getting dolled up for the one you love, Selena Gomez says she feels best she’s almost au naturel.

The “Same Old Love” songstress opens up about the newest chapter in her life — A.K.A. her upcoming album Revival — and being comfortable with herself in her latest cover story for Wonderland. Speaking about her new music, Gomez explains her new sound is a reflection on her development as a person. in accepting inner peace and beauty.

“It’s a very specific album, especially because it’s a new chapter for me,” she says. “It’s under a new label, and it’s the first time I’m stepping in and really getting behind every person I’m working with.”

“I’m in this place in my life where people just assume that I can get anything that I want. But every single thing I’ve done, I’ve earned,” she continues. “I feel that way when I’m on set, and I’m working with people that are challenging me intellectually, emotionally and physically. And with music … I feel so free.”

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Her new (topless) album cover certainly reflects that! According to the 23-year-old, nothing puts her in a better mood than just being herself — even if it looks like she just got out of bed.

“Whatever it is that makes you feel sexy,” she says. “In the [“Good for You”] video, I was in a white T-shirt with my hair wet, and I think that makes me feel beautiful.”

You hear that, bodyshamers? SelGo has no time for your negativity.

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