WATCH: Lady Gaga Releases ‘Til It Happens to You,’ Shares PSA

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Behold, the many sides of Countess Gaga.

The time has finally come for new Lady Gaga music.

Late last night (September 17, 2015), Gaga and Diane Warren released the highly-anticipated “Til It Happens to You,” a song they wrote for The Hunting Ground, a documentary about the prevalence and devastating effects of rampant sexual assault on college campuses. They also released a PSA (which does not feature Gaga) that is soundtracked by their collaboration. Watch it above.

The song, which leaked in various low-quality and demo forms earlier this year, has already garnered Oscar buzz, and it’s no wonder: it is powerful, stirring, and timely. “Til it happens to you, you don’t know how it feels,” Gaga sings in the chorus, a message that underlines a point made in The Hunting Ground that victims of sexual assault (of which Gaga is one) are very often misunderstood or, even worse, not believed when they come forward. Gaga’s ballads are often underrated, but this is certainly among her best like “Speechless” and “Dope.” (She even borrows some of the same vocal inflection she used in the latter.)

The PSA video, directed by Catherine Hardwicke (who helmed the first Twilight movie), shares the stories of women who become victims of campus rape. Its ensemble cast includes Nikki Reed and Lilian Bowden, and it is every bit as powerful as the song.

Below, read Gaga’s tweets about “Til It Happens”:

The Twitter account for the documentary thanked Gaga for her contribution:

And Warren also tweeted her excitement about the song’s release:

The Hunting Ground, a film by Kirby Dick, premiered at Sundance earlier this year. It is available to purchase on iTunes and is playing in select theaters nationwide.

You can buy “Til It Happens to You” on iTunes and stream it on Spotify. A portion of the proceeds will go to organizations helping survivors of sexual assualt.