Jessie J Has a Fresh Mouth, Says ‘Do Something’

Jessie J Undergoes Surgery
Jessie J says she might 'go AWOL' for a bit.

British singer, Jessie J, admitted on Twitter that she put her foot in her mouth when she was recently staying at her sister’s place.

The “BangBang” singer told her fans that in a bathroom mixup, she accidentally gargled a bit of liquid soap when she switched up her travel toiletries.

She has also recently told fans that she has plans to take time off from music after around January or February of next year to “write/live.”

After the 27-year-old performed in the UK, she returned to Los Angeles at the LAX airport cutting a low-key figure in her all-black ensemble.

Her outfit included dark sunglasses, a baseball cap and a black Alexander Wang hoodie sweatshirt with the words, “Do Something” emblazoned across the front in white lettering. 

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