Justin Theroux Says Planning Wedding to Jennifer Aniston Was No Fun

Justin Theroux on Being Married
As husband to Jennifer Aniston, Theroux says: 'It feels different.'

Newlywed Justin Theroux admits that keeping his wedding plans to Jennifer Aniston took quite a bit of work and emotional energy to keep top secret.

Theroux, who wed Anniston earlier this summer, has been gushing about the benefits of married life.

Talking to The Daily News, however, he revealed that all the steps of keeping the wedding ceremony details secret wasn’t necessarily his favorite thing to do.

Justin tells the publication, “I wouldn’t say it was fun to plan.” He added, “I wouldn’t say it was fun to plan.”

Now that the news is out in the open, Theroux claims that the stress from planning immediately dissipated and that the twosome couldn’t be happier.