ICYMI: CNN Doesn’t Know Who Emmy Winner Jon Hamm Is

Hot Guys. Emmys. Can't Lose.
Let's hear it for the men of the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards.

You had one job…

If you were like us and watched the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards on the boob tube and followed along on some sort of smartphone device, Jon Hamm’s first-ever Emmy win was all the more enriching thanks to all the commentary from Twitter, Instagram and the like.

Unless you were relying on CNN’s Twitter feed:

That’s right, in a tweet that is still very much alive, the news giant’s breaking news account told its 29.7 million followers that Jon Hamm had somehow morphed into the body and face of one Lawrence Zarian, who is known more for fashion tips than for whether or not he’s a fan of underwear. CNN has since apologized for the mistake.

The original tweet still stands. Zarian has had a few chuckles.

And Jon Hamm is still this year’s hottest, newest Emmy winner. Everyone wins. But especially Jon Hamm.


[h/t A.V. Club]