Lena Dunham Under Fire for Failing to Include Black Emmy Winners in Instagram Tribute


Lena Dunham’s inadvertent omission of black Emmy winner’s names in an Instagram post celebrating the Emmys had fans and Internet trolls alike up in arms.

Dunham made a post in honor of last night’s Emmy winners on Instagram with a picture of Barbara Streisand holding her Emmy from 1965, and the original caption, “This pic is dedicated to the radical women I worship from up close and afar who were all over tonight’s [email protected] @jillsoloway @carrie_rachel @zoetrope91 @hereisgina Jane Anderson, Amy P, Gabs H, her majesty Fran McD and so many more you know who you are and your magic is lifting us higher!”

Lena Dunham fails to Include Black Emmy Winners Viola Davis Uzo Aduba Regina King in Instagram Tribute
CREDIT: Oh No They Didn't

Fans expressed their surprise and outrage that she left out the three huge winners of the night, Viola Davis (who made history by becoming the first black woman to win the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series), Regina King and Uzo Aduba.

The 67th Annual Emmy Awards were in fact the most diverse Emmy’s ever, something host Andy Samberg even brought up during his opening monologue, so the dissociation is a bit perplexing. But hey, people get tired especially during a long awards night, and these things can happen by accident, which Dunham admitted (and later clarified that she was updating her caption in real time). She responded to fans who commented saying she added their names, with a smiley face (“:)”) to boot.

Oh No They Didn’t! point out it took Dunham a couple edits to include Davis and King’s Instagram handles. One user @Krizbell wrote to her, “@iamreginaking and @violadavis aren’t too hard to find @lenadunham – don’t be part of the line drawn between opportunities #FeminismForALLWomen,” making reference to Davis’ emotional and brilliant acceptance speech in which she quoted Harriet Tubman and remarked, “You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.”

Dunham responded appreciatively,

Lena Dunham fails to Include Black Emmy Winners Viola Davis Uzo Aduba Regina King in Instagram Tribute
CREDIT: Oh No They Didn't

Ultimately, Dunham added the names of all the female winners to her post (and more):

She also paid tribute to Viola in particular, writing “Y’all I could never forget Viola. Her work, her power, her speech. I was trying to remember every Emmy winning woman in my late night post last night (I do my own Instagram and I often do it half asleep) and updating the names in real time- in the first iteration of the post I called her simply Viola as I didn’t know she was an insta presence. In any case, today isn’t about me defending myself. It’s about celebrating all that was historic and beautiful about last night. Congratulations”

[h/t Oh No They Didn’t]