WATCH: Madonna’s Ex-Husband Sean Penn Appreciates Her Art ’30 F-cking Years Later’

Aw. Marriage is sweet.

Madonna revealed to the Barclays Center audience at her Rebel Heart Tour that her ex-husband Sean Penn has finally come around to appreciate her art 30 years after fact.

In the grandest of humblebrags, the singer told her fans that Penn was in attendance at her recent Madison Square Garden concert, the same venue where he had watched her perform in 1985 and subsequently ranted about her “too revealing” costume.

“Anyway, after the show he wrote me a letter and said he finally appreciates my art,” Madonna recounted of her most recent show at MSG.

“And that is what I have to say about marriage, okay!? Thirty f–king years later.”

…But would he endorse her presidency?

Watch Madonna explain her plight while holding a tiny guitar in the video featured at the top of the page!