Is Megan Fox Asking for Space from Brian Austin Green?

Love Is Dead
Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green split after 11 years.

According to her clothing, yes. 

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green reunited on Tuesday (Sept. 22, 2015) to spend time with their sons Noah and Bodhi. However, it was the New Girl actress’ choice of clothing that raised some eyebrows.

They say actions speak louder than words, but in Fox’s case, it’s her clothes that seem to be sending her estranged husband a message. She wore a T-shirt that had the words “I Need More Space” and a picture of an astronaut on it.

Weird, considering the former Beverly Hills 90210 actor wore not-so-subtle shirt last week week. He was spotted in Los Angeles, Calif. wearing a tank top with the words “Life Hurts” printed across it.

The pair, who were together for 11 years and married for five, called in quits late last month. According to Us Weekly, Fox’s career is to blame: “They fight about her career. He would prefer she focus on the family more than being obsessed with getting roles.”

Check out the gallery for more photos of Fox letting her feelings be known.