Hillary Clinton Wants to See Lenny Kravitz’s Penis

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Hillary Clinton wants to see Lenny Kravitz's penis

Hillary Clinton says she hasn’t seen Lenny Kravitz‘s penis, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to.

In an interview for her new website, LennyLetter.com, Lena Dunham asks the Democratic presidential candidate if she saw the viral video of Kravitz splitting his pants onstage. The one that exposed his manhood to the world.

In a hilarious mock promo for the interview, courtesy of Funny or Die, Clinton jokes that she initially thought that she was signing up for an interview with Kravitz. This led Dunham to ask, “Did you see the footage where his, like, pants split?” To which Clinton responded, “No, I missed that.

The Girls star goes on to tell Clinton what happened, “I mean…his stuff fell out of his pants.” While Clinton says she “missed that,” she’s clearly curious. “Do you think I could get that on YouTube?” she asks Dunham. “Good. I’ll look for that.”

Watch the hilarious clip below.