Selena Gomez Happy About Justin Bieber’s Comeback

Selena Gomez Says Nick Jonas Was ‘Puppy Love’
Selena Gomez is finally addressing those Nick Jonas dating rumors.

Pop star Selena Gomez recently admitted that she’ll always have love for her ex, Nick Jonas, and now, she’s also being supportive to her other ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, in his comeback attempt.

She told The New York Times that her new album, Revival, reflects her newer, more mature outlook on life and talked about the role that her relationship played in her development.

She talked about how she feels about the new, more humble image Justin is attempting to convey by saying, “While people were writing that I was stupid for being in it, this is what I always saw in him. I’m like, duh!”

Meanwhile, this new, grown-up Gomez was looking quite sleek in a black satin dress as she stopped into Annabel’s in London for an exclusive, VIP performance, showing off quite a bit of leg.

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