Teenager Claims She Was Drugged During Justin Bieber’s Listening Party

An 18-year-old woman is claiming her drink had been spiked when she was attending a listening party with Justin Bieber and his crew.

Bailey Scarlett, a self-proclaimed freelance model, is saying she was secretly drugged while she was hanging out at a recording studio in Melbourne, Australia where Bieber was recording at the time. In a now-private Facebook post, Scarlett writes that she was invited there as a part of a “hot ‘girls’/models” entourage “under the name of a professional promoter.”

Scarlett says she felt “overly drunk and not right at all” after having a vodka and lemonade and doing a shot with Bieber. She also claims she had set her drink down at one point and was poured another beverage after the shot.

“My vision was incredibly blurred I felt like I was seeing 10 faces at once, my lips, hands, toes felt numb and I became incoherent,” she pens. “After telling the the girls in the recording studio I don’t feel right and this feeling is so scary I burst into tears and began to feel so unsafe.”

“Once I became apparent to Justin and his ‘entourage’ that I was panicking. Justin sat down with me and tried to calm me down saying crap like ‘look into my eyes, you’re ok, breathe’ ‘you’re having a panic attack, you must have anxiety,'” she continues. “He then to my disgust told his ‘crew’ to get me out of there, I was faking, trying to do this for attention.”

According to TMZ, local authorities were dispatched to the studio to respond to a call for a woman who “believed her drink had been spiked.”

In her post, Scarlett also claims she was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital but was refused treatment because “this is common with ‘famous people’ and they have a lot of girls coming in like this” and paramedics only told her to “sleep it off.”

“I have never been so scared in my life,” she writes. “I am disgusted in St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Royal Melbourne Hospital that they turned me away and their only excuse was that they see this all the time.”

The studio’s owner Jimi Wyatt says the staff have reviewed footage from the event and claims her cup was never touched by any off the guests. Alex McDonnell, who organized the event, tells TMZ that he believes Scarlett was having a panic attack.

“There is no way in hell I will let a girl put herself in the same position I was in,” Scarlett concludes in her post. “Justin Bieber is honestly nothing … He is the most uninspiring person I have probably met in my life.”