‘Don’t’: Justin Bieber’s 6-Step Guide to Taking a Photo with Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber
'I'll Forever Support Him and Love Him'

No means no.

Justin Bieber posted a series of videos to Snapchat on Sunday, Sept. 27 while on the Australian leg of his world tour that provide tips to fans who seek a coveted selfie with His Excellency.

Cameras out (or not!)! Here is Justin Bieber’s 6-Step Guide to Taking a Photo with Justin Bieber:

  1. Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self when approaching the Bieber to ask for a photo.
  2. If the Bieber acts like you do not exist, you do not exist in that moment, and,  therefore, will not get a photo.
  3. Screaming the Bieber’s name louder does validate your existence any further, therefore, your likelihood of getting a photo will remain at 0.0%.
  4. If you allow the Bieber to “enjoy his moment” by treating him with respect then maybe, just maybe, he will let you take a photo.
  5. Approach your photo op keeping the Golden Rule in mind.
  6. Forego the photo altogether for five quality minutes of conversation instead. As the Bieber puts it,

“Like why did you travel to see me in the first place? Was it really to see me or was it to get that moment of you seeing me so that you could tell people about it?”


Watch Justin Bieber’s manifesto in the video featured at the top of the page!

[h/t: The Huffington Post]