Rumer Willis Talks ‘Chicago’ Broadway Debut: ‘It’s A Lot of Work’

Rumer Willis and Demi Moore basically look like sisters...
'DWTS' Crowns Its Winner
Relive Rumer Willis' big night.

Dancing With the Stars Season 20 may have ended four months ago, but it’s still very much on winner Rumer Willis’ mind.

The 27-year-old actress and singer just made her Broadway debut in Chicago. According to Rumer, who portrays Roxie Hart opposite Ryan Silverman (Billy Flynn) and Amra-Faye Wright (Velma Kelly), there are definitely sprinkles of DWTS on stage.

“The brilliant thing about this part is that they have had so many different women do it that you can come up with your own version,” she told us on Friday (Sept. 25) at the launch of the Febreze School of #Petiquette at Liberty Hall at the Ace Hotel in New York City. “I got to work with Ann Reinking who helped me change a lot of the choreography. I got to add a lot of the dance moves and dance styles from Dancing With the Stars, which was really cool that I got to make it my own.”

Rumer also revealed how she’s been dealing with the grueling schedule of eight shows a week.

“Honestly, I am really grateful that I did Dancing With the Stars because I don’t think I would have been prepared, because it’s a lot of work,” she said.

“You have to be really disciplined, you have to make sure that you go home and take care of your body and your voice, so you are able to sing, dance, and act eight times a week, which is a lot. You have to really make sure that you’re rested and are able to deliver an amazing performance everyday.”

Rumer recently teamed up with Febreze and its School of Petiquette, which is devoted to keeping your house smelling fresh, even with the disorder that pets can bring upon us.

“I think the biggest thing is obviously trying to get our dogs not to jump up on people or bark when visitors come in,” Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter told us of her own pets. “Between my mom and I, we have 10 dogs. We have been working with an amazing woman who is a dog trainer at home, because I want to make sure everyone that comes over is comfortable. I have friends that are terrified of dogs, and even though my tiny chihuahua wouldn’t hurt them, I want to make sure they feel comfortable.”

Rumer’s Chicago run at the Ambassador Theatre on Broadway wraps Nov. 1.

Launch the gallery, above, for more photos from last week’s Febreze event with Rumer, Bethenny Frankel and their pooches.