WATCH: Female Fan Gropes Katy Perry’s Boobs

She kissed a girl, but did she actually like it?

One female fan got really intimate with Katy Perry Monday night (Sept. 28, 2015) when the “Firework” singer performed at Rock in Rio in Brazil. After a girl named “Rayane” was invited on stage, Perry was met with a very handsy encounter from her starstruck — or allegedly “rolling” — follower.

“She’s kissing my neck!” Perry announced to the crowd when Rayane hugged her upon meeting.

“Oh! That’s my boob!” the singer quipped when Rayane continued to nuzzle her. “Hold on, Rayane!”

During the three-minute encounter, Rayane continued to touched and kiss Perry over her body before she was ushered off the stage. Watch the whole thing unfold — above.

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