Lady Gaga’s Bloody ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Sex Scene Led to Dinner with John Travolta and Barbra Streisand

Lady Gaga's CREEPY 'AHS: Hotel' Teaser
Behold, the many sides of Countess Gaga

This is what Ryan Murphy stories are made of.

Television’s evil mastermind opened up to to E! News about Lady Gaga’s highly-anticipated season of American Horror Story: Hotel, her weenies, and their tandem journey through Barbra Streisand’s underground mall.

Murphy tells E! that he already knows what’s in store for next season of AHS due preemptive production plans. Amid rumors of Jessica Lange’s return, the show’s creator reveals that he has a few tricks of his sleeve. “I’m going to see her this weekend and whisper little, devious things,’ he says. “I love her. But I think that I’ll always work with her, so I don’t ever worry about that.”

Murphy was initially intimidated at the prospect of working with Gaga, likening his conception of her mystery and mystique to that of iconic silent film star Greta Garbo. However, he soon found that Mother Monster was the polar opposite of Ms. Garbo: funny, down to earth, and the consummate professional.

“What I have found is she is just the best, most fun, most joyful person,” he says. “She’s just such a treat and such a joy and she laughs all day long … She’s a true star.”

In fact, Murphy has been converted into a fanboy, calling Gaga “like the coolest person ever” and boasts to texting her all day.

“I have found is that she’s never disappointed on any level even one time, and that’s work. You don’t just roll out of bed and be that. She delivers.”

Gaga’s AHS-themed cast party-cum-birthday party for co-star Angela Bassett serves as a testament to her dedication to the show that surpasses cocktail weenies both on- and off-screen. “There’s always great care and thought into anything and the fact that she could whip that up in two days is a testament to her magical, witchy powers,” gushes Murphy. “She’s just so fun.”


And now, for Ryan Murphy’s Fast Tip to Scoring Dinner with Music Icon, Barbra Streisand: Let John Travolta’s cheer you on during a bloody sex scene and indulge in idle chit-chat afterwards.

And finally, here is Lady Gaga’s Fast Tip to Nailing Dinner with Music Icon Barbra Streisand: Wear a see-through crochet dress.

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