WATCH: Bradley Cooper’s ‘Burnt’ Food Porn Will Provide Culinary Orgasms Upon Culinary Orgasms

This one’s sure to get your eggs cooking.

What happens when you oil up Bradley Cooper set him over high heat for one minute and fifty-six seconds? He burns, but in the best way—with a crispy, jaded exterior and pale blue eyes that sear into your fun parts.

In this new official trailer for his forthcoming culinary pornography Burnt, Cooper blazes his way through the kitchen as Adam Jones, a first-class chef who is fighting to regain his accolade as a three-star Michelin-rated restaurateur.

Cooper revealed in a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies that he earned his apron straps at an early age as a lackluster sous chef to his Italian grandmother and as an observer of his grandfather’s garlic business. “Being around food is very soothing to me,” he says. “I grew up with that environment, and it reminds me of my childhood.”

Cooper tells Yahoo! that he learned the focus of a chef by watching his character’s muse Marcus Wareing prepare the meals that are seen on-screen in Burnt for the movie’s set.

“The mindset you have to have: You literally are a quarterback. Everything’s going on behind you. You have to listen to everything without turning around.”

Burnt will be served up in theaters on October 23.