WATCH: Demi Lovato Claims Iggy Azalea’s Butt is Real

Demi Lovato Poses Topless for 'Complex' Magazine
Demi Lovato is going all out in her interview with Complex...

Demi Lovato answered a few pressing questions while appearing on BBC Radio 1’s The School Run.

And yep, she delivered. With a little help from Nick Grimshaw, Demi surprised three British school kids when she picked them up after class for a segment of the popular web show.

Unfortunately, it was a rough start when Demi asked what they learned at school that day. (They told her inherited genes, which she took to mean hand-me-down jeans.) But she (sorta) picked up steam when they moved on to ask her a few rapid-fire questions.

First they asked her how much she was worth, which, of course, she didn’t reveal. Then they moved on to some more playful questions like, “Is Iggy Azalea’s bum real?” to which she answered, “Yes… real sexy!” “Kinda true,” one of the girls quipped. Demi got back to the point by reassuring them that yes, Iggy’s butt is real, “her butt’s real. It’s all good. She’s awesome,” she said.

Then they asked her how many times it took to pass her driving test, and her response was a little worrying. “It’s a little messed up, but when I got my license, I only had to do the writing test. They didn’t make me get in the car, I just signed an autograph…I promise I’m a good driver!” She said.

Then it was on to a fun, G-rated game of ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid,’ when we learned Demi would snog Nicki Minaj, marry ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas (because they’re bffs now,) and avoid (awkwardly) the host of the show, Nick Grimshaw. “I don’t want to say I’d avoid Nicki Minaj cuz I don’t want her to get mad at me and be like ‘What’s good, Demi?'”

Things to take away from this: Demi maybe shouldn’t be driving in a foreign country, Demi claims that Iggy Azalea’s butt is real, and Demi really doesn’t want to piss off Nicki Minaj.

Watch the video above to see the whole clip!