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Remember when Kanye West made Kim Kardashian clean out her closet on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Well, apparently there’s good reason for that.

In a new interview with CNN Style, Kardashian admits she’s “mortified” by the way she used to dressed prior to dating her now-husband. According to the reality star, West has really helped open doors for her in the fashion world after telling her to read Carine Roitfeld: Irreverent like it’s a “fashion bible.”

“I really think that my relationship with my husband Kanye really changed everything,” the 34-year-old tells the publication. “I mean, back in the day I thought I had the best style. I look back at outfits and I’m, like, mortified.”

“I love my husband’s opinion, so I always ask his opinion on everything and he always helps me put together my looks,” she adds. “Kanye sees my body obviously every day, so he can understand what works well on my body type, so it’s been really fun to dress and we try things that work and some things that don’t work.”

Kardashian, who now sits front row at runway shows for Balmain, Givenchy and Balenciaga, says she’s learned to dress for her shape over the years. Admitting that she tried to hide her curves during her first pregnancy, Kardashian explains she now tries to “show off the curves” a little more.

“I think number one you have to know your own body type, because it’s, so many things look amazing on like my sister Kendall [Jenner], we have completely different bodies and you know something could look amazing on the runway and then just not fit my personal body type,” she says. “So I think that’s been a lesson that I’ve had to learn — sometimes the hard way — that sometimes things don’t always work out.”

“Being pregnant and a lot heavier, I think you have to show off the curves,” Kardashian, who is currently expecting her second child with West, continues. “It’s not like I’m trying to hide my pregnancy, whereas my last pregnancy, I was trying to find looks that would hide it. You just have to embrace it, to show the bump.”

Kardashian also says she now prefers simpler styles like neutral tones and minimalistic jewelry.

“Before, I used to always think more is more and I used to accessorize and wear bracelets and earrings and necklaces. I used to do it all,” she explains. “Now I definitely understand how much cooler it is just to be a little bit simpler.”

She muses, “What I love most about fashion is that you can just really express yourself and your moods depending on what you wear, I think it’s really I think fashion is subjective but I also think that you can just really be who you are and show your personality from the clothes that you wear.”